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Monday, May 18, 2009

Issue # 43 - You’ll score big if…

When was the last time you scored in life? I just want to let you know that another celebration is coming your way, but there is something important that you must do.

If you only knew how close you are to your next breakthrough you will begin to shout now. Let’s see if we can know how close. Well, more distractions are coming at you now more than ever. How about the pressure that is trying to cause you to give in is increasing?

Then there is news of so many going their separate ways when we really should be coming together. Many people are trying to get you to live life having one good time after another to get you to forget about your purpose and destiny.

To feel that one has a place in life solves half the problems of contentment.
George Woodberry

Well all this and more is a plan of the enemy to get you out of place. Place and timing is important to God. Imagine making all the sacrifices through sowing, then harvest time comes and you are out of place. You face the possibility of someone else eating your crops.

As in the game of football, when the quarterback calls a play he sets it up for the wide receiver to be in a certain spot or zone to catch the ball when he releases it. It doesn’t matter what tries to distract the wide receiver his duty is to get to that zone. Therefore like the wide receiver, you need to be where God wants you to be. Cause he’s getting ready to release something to you.

When you are feeling weary and discouraged still get to the zone. Nobody encouraging you, get to the zone. People making mockery of you and your God get to the zone. When it doesn’t make sense get to the zone.

God is setting you up to be his next ambassador. Once you do what needs to be done, the doors will swing wide open because of the spectacular performance God will do with you. Imagine being given the opportunity to say something for God to be glorified. Remember outstanding performances will always happen for people to see. Like I said earlier you can shout now cause your getting ready for a big score.

You’ll score big if….you stay in place.

Take care until…......and God Bless ya

Are you ready to face eternity? If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life and desire to make that commitment now please repeat the following prayer:

Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I realize that I have sinned against you and come
short of your glory. I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead. I pray for your forgiveness and ask that you save me now and accept me into your kingdom. Give me eternal life today.
In Jesus Name, Amen.