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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Take The Limit Off Yourself

“Anyone who limits her vision to memories of yesterday is already dead”
Lily Langtry

I know you have ideas, dreams, desires, goals, vision inside of you that are burning to be fulfilled.Whether it’s starting a business, going to college, becoming a doctor, changing career,
writing a book just to name a few. Then all of a sudden you are faced with opposition and then you begin to hear so many voices speaking opposite to what you have been dreaming about. Do any of these sound familiar? “You’re to young, not enough money, no one ever did it before, to many people failed at it, you will look crazy, it won’t last”.

Now before this, you had high expectations and believed it was all possible until you faced these oppositions. You even saw yourself living it out until YOU started to allow these voices and thoughts to distract you. These comments come from friends, family, parents, young people, Christians, colleagues, etc. Now all of these people together are not as effective as when it comes from you. Even the devil himself cannot be a greater obstacle than you.

It is when you begin to say “I can’t, and it will never work, nothing good will ever happen to me, my family is like this, I will always broke”. My friend you can be your greatest enemy. The greatest fight you will ever come to face is the one with yourself. That’s the one you cannot run away from. When someone commits suicide it is the result of an individual agreeing to turn on oneself.

If the power of life and death is in the tongue, then you need to be careful of what comes out of your own mouth. This is how you begin to put a limit on yourself and box yourself in. What you also do is tie God’s hand from operating in your life.

Before we go any further let’s take a look at what this word limit means. Limit:- (1) The point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed (2) To confine or restrict within a boundary or bounds.

I know my time is running out so let me move on quickly. When you begin to put a limit on yourself, you carry yourself to a certain point and don’t believe you can go any further. Or is it that we don’t want to make the effort to go any further because of the obstacles. Let me ask you some questions. How did you get where you are now? Did you had to go through obstacles? Were you faced with opposition? Didn’t it start with an idea or dream? So if you came from that place to this place overcoming obstacles then why can’t you move from this place to the next place? Why are you limiting yourself?

Who did the desire come from? If it came from God then who do you think will give you the ability to fulfill it? Who do you think will supply all that is needed to carry it out? The reason why you are doubting is because you believe that you are going to do it own your own.
Have you ever heard “..Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts”. Zechariah 4:6 (KJV). Have you ever heard “…greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world”. I John 4:4 (KJV) , or “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help”. Psalm 121:1 (KJV) Have you ever heard “For with God nothing shall be impossible”. Luke 1:37 (KJV).

When Mary heard that she was going to give birth to the Son of God she was frightened and could not understand it. Imagine if that was to happen today, boy what would be the reaction of people? But she submitted herself to God for him to have his way. This was a supernatural encounter. If you are willing to trust and work With God he can make it happen.

So if you were thinking about aborting that dream you better get out of that abortion clinic Now. Don’t focus on the natural circumstances or surroundings, just the fact that you have it circulating in your mind and your heart makes it a possibility. You just need to make up you mind and say I will make it happen.

Take care until…......and God Bless ya

Are you ready to face eternity? If you have not you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life and desire to make that commitment now please repeat the following prayer:

Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I realize that I have sinned against you and come short of your glory. I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead. I pray for your forgiveness and ask that you save me now and accept me into your kingdom. Give me eternal life today.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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