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Saturday, March 29, 2008

What’s Your Way To Finding Unity & Agreement in Your Marriage ?

“A marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences”.
Dave Meurer

Yesterday morning I was in position to view a telecast on The Word Network. Well let me just say that this came about through my obligation to serve on the prayer line for my local churches TV broadcast. Following the program...
me and one of the ministers at the church stayed in position for a while to receive any incoming calls for special prayer.

Now listen to this, another program came on immediately with a husband and wife that was sharing their early marriage life experience with the church. Their names Michael and Connie Smith from The Church Group. Casually dressed, and both sitting one on each side at a large oak desk. The husband began by talking about the experiences he had in trying to surprise his wife. Well you know that ladies love surprises. Sad to say it seemed like everything he tried she found out about it.

She would find out what he did through credit card records, or persons would end up calling his wife to confirm things when it was suppose to be a surprise. Imagine this someone calling the recipient of your gift after your already stressed to the company that it was a surprise. Bear in mind, it was stated by the pastor but the person making the call notices AFTER being in conversation with the wife that it was suppose to be a surprise. What do you do with people who let your work go down the drain? Hmmmm ! Let me see…..Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy stop right there before you go to far. Now let’s get back to this story.

Well she was the one who ran all the financial records so she had to question certain things. For him to work around this he had to go to other people and borrow, make purchases through them and reimburse.

Well you know why the wife was operating that way? She saw it happening in her house between her mother and father. Which goes to show you that some people only carry out what they see someone else do. At Christmas she would set the budget and the husband was not consulted for his input. Even though he wanted to go out and enjoy the shopping experience to.

He stressed the importance of husbands and wives working together to hear one another’s input before coming to final decisions. All this happens through the skill of communication. Knowing when to hold the breaks and make peace is important in communicating with one another. It is far better to make peace than to end up in a place of sorrow and repentance for hurting your spouse. The fight for peace may not be easy but “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” Matt. 5:9 (King James Version)

And so husbands and wives, even though you may not see eye to eye on everything- you have to make up your mind you are going to keep peace on your side. One of the main reasons you have to make it is, people are depending on you. Your children, your family, friends, church folks, and even the single people that are looking up to you.

On that note, my prayers go up for you today whatever state your marriage is in right now. I pray for the spirit of unity and agreement to abide in your life, your marriage and at your house. May you have good success in every area of your life.

Jesus Christ is still coming again and I’m sure when he returns he wants to met you and your spouse together.

What about your marriage life ?What do you do to keep peace, unity and agreement ? Come on now, if you know you have a good recipe to share on this then let everyone in on it. Remember there are others coming after you.

Do you know how to tell ladies from men now that they both wear pants? The one listening is the man.

Take care until.....and God bless ya

Are you ready to face eternity? If you have not you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and desire to make that commitment now please repeat the following prayer:

Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I realize that I have sinned against you and come short of your glory. I confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead. I pray for your forgiveness and ask that you save me now and accept me into your kingdom. Give me eternal life today.

In Jesus Name, Amen.


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